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About Civic Life International
Civic Life International is an organization dedicated to using dialogue, deliberation and media strategies to uncover emerging issues facing people and communities and strengthening the competencies of citizen, institutions and governments to respond to these challenges. We work with citizens, agencies, faith groups and institutions to disseminate educational programs that foster citizen’s and community well being.
We know a bit about convening dialogue and deliberation events. Rather than use one method, we weave multiple Indigenous and contemporary approaches into more holistic programs that meet a variety of needs, serve many community-building functions, and feed into each other in creative and useful ways.

Civic Life International is a certified government vendor/contractor. We are a member of National Association of Public Affairs Network (NAPAN) and pioneer member of National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD).

Our Diversity Module
Using a variety of media and dialogue tools Civic Life International can assist employers and associates within an organization develop cohesive communication patterns regarding business objectives, policies and procedures. We work with our clients to conduct comprehensive and confidential needs assessment to design affordable contextualized diversity training programs.

Our Vision
We are driven by the vision of, and the possibilities for, using media, education, dialogue and deliberation to sufficiently uncover emerging issues facing people and communities and strengthen the competencies of citizen, institutions and governments to respond to these challenges. Our core value is that an, educated, engaged and deliberative citizenry is not only vital to a healthy democracy but also to a peaceful, healthy and vibrant community.

Our Experience; Our Work

  1. We provide effective designs for public engagement processes involving dialogue and deliberation and conducting evaluations/study of public engagement processes plus outcomes involving dialogue and deliberation.
  2. We deliver products and services in engaging both representatives of organizations with a stake in the issue (stakeholders) and citizens-at-large with no recognized or deep stake in the issue at hand.
  3. We assist clients in carrying out public engagement work on public health issues.
  4. We provide experienced staff able to provide technical assistance on public engagement and conduct meetings where both dialogue deliberations are neutrally and respectfully facilitated for small and large groups.

Dialogue + Education = Better Communities

A Better World!


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Civic Life International Is a Member of the Following Organizations:

NCDD - National Coalition for Dialogue and DeliberationMember - International Association of FacilitatorsNational Association of Public Affairs Networks

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